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Aiding grass-roots reporting in Africa

Katherine Kreuter has been appointed to the board of Media Matters for Women. MMW is a US-registered NGO founded by Sharon Bylenga. They have pioneered the use of Bluetooth technology and local journalists to address the unmet information needs of women and girls in rural Africa. Their team of female journalists produces original audio content in professional podcast format in multiple languages which is then delivered via Bluetooth to last-mile women and girls via mobile phones.

A journalist herself, Katherine Kreuter is keen to promote this type of grassroots reporting. While there is great need for better information among third world women and girls, there are also great challenges to overcome in providing traditional print or broadcast journalism. This projects takes advantage of leapfrog technology to meet those needs much more cost-effectively than previously possible. Educated in the US, Kreuter holds an MSJ from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, and has worked in the US, Hong Kong, London, Brazil and South Africa. As a board member at MMW where MMW has begun a pilot project with a Millicom Foundation Grant in partnership with the Swiss NGO Women@TheTable. For further information, go to