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BBC World Service’s Outlook celebrates half-century with 50 inspirational stories

Outlook, one of BBC World Service’s longest-running radio programmes, turns 50 this summer, celebrating half a century on air on July 4, 2016. To mark this milestone BBC World Service has launched Outlook Inspirations – a celebration of extraordinary people whose stories have inspired others around the world.

Over the years, Outlook has featured courageous individuals who have overcome adversity, followed their dreams and above all inspired those around them. The BBC is inviting nominations from the public for people they would like to suggest for Outlook Inspirations. (Nominations close on May 1, so you’ll need to be quick!)

The search is on for people with extraordinary personal stories: people who have shown incredible resilience through difficult times, changed the fortunes of their local community or demonstrated remarkable courage or compassion. Above all, stories that leave fellow human beings in awe.

At the same time the Outlook team will be going through the back catalogue to seek out some of the most inspirational people who have appeared on the programme to add to the list of nominees. To launch the awards, several people have already been nominated by Outlook on the Outlook Inspirations website, and the complete longlist of 50 will be revealed in May.

An international judging panel, headed up by the BBC’s Chief International Correspondent Lyse Doucet, will later select three winners from a final shortlist of 15. The three winners will be announced on Monday July 4, 2016 – the day of Outlook’s 50th birthday – during a live BBC World Service broadcast from the Radio Theatre in London.

Global audience

Mary Hockaday, Controller, World Service English, says: “Outlook is at the very heart of what the BBC World Service does each day: sharing fascinating human stories from all corners of the world with a curious global audience. Outlook Inspirations shines a spotlight on the achievements of some of these unsung heroes, as we invite our listeners to look back – and ahead – in celebration of Outlook’s 50th anniversary year.”

More information, including the remaining judges, will be revealed shortly.

To stay up to date with Outlook Inspirations, and for full terms and conditions for nominating, please go to: