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CIoJ calls for Hacked Off to be excluded from talks

CIoJ calls for Hacked Off to be excluded from talks


[frame align=”right”] CIoJ logo [/frame]RELEASE DATE: 17 June 2013

The Chartered Institute of Journalists has called for Hacked Off to be excluded from talks to end the impasse over press regulation.

It welcomes the refusal of Hacked Off to take part in such talks, but has called on MPs to reject the group having any further formal role in the framing a new legal framework for regulation.

Talks should involve MPs and representatives of journalists and publishers, it said.

CIoJ president Charlie Harris said: “There should be no place at the table for a secretive, self-appointed organisation that has shown contempt for the democracy and the public’s elected representatives by refusing to answer questions from the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee about its financial backers.

“Hacked Off says its wants transparency and openness in the press.

“But it undermines its claim to the moral high ground by stubbornly refusing to be open and transparent about who backs it with cash and in other ways.

“It was a scandal that the cross-party proposals for a new press regulator were forged at a secret meeting of three senior members of the Coalition and opposition parties and four members of Hacked Off.

“At a time when the Coalition is promising to clean up the lobbying industry, Hacked Off’s privileged access to the corridors of power must be ended.”

The Institute broadly welcomes the suggestion that a respected senior media figure be asked to act as a mediator to hammer out a compromise between the rival proposals for regulatory reform, but wants representatives of journalists, not just publishers, to be included in the talks.


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