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CIoJ condemns violence against media in the US

Press Release
Release date: 7 January 2021

The Chartered Institute of Journalists condemns violence directed at journalists and media workers covering the storming of the US Congress by Donald Trump supporters.

Institute President Professor Tim Crook said: “The rioters chased down journalists and trashed professional media equipment in appalling scenes condemned widely as an attack and stain on democracy.

“We want to praise and respect the courage and professionalism of journalists who reported the events in Washington D.C. and enabled open debate about the implications of what has happened.”

Media crews were forced to abandon the area and flee as protestors smashed their equipment.

Professor Crook said: “I find the footage of the attackers making a noose from a television camera cord and hanging it from a tree chilling and terrible.

“This is part of a dreadful pattern of attacks and intimidation of journalists covering US politics and public events in recent times.

“All of our members hope that this will end and the United States will be a country in the future that respects democracy and the rights of journalists to report freely and safely.”