CIoJ OakHill & T P O’Connor Fund

The Institute’s OakHill and T P O’Connor Fund may provide grants to:

  • assist journalists financially whether Members of the Institute or not who are sick aged or recuperating after illness. Contributions can be made towards medical treatment or to assist with general living expenses if in either case recipients are in poor and necessitous circumstances.

Assistance may be provided by a single grant or regular payments either for a fixed or an indeterminate period. The Trustees and Committee shall exercise particular care in the case of beneficiaries making repeated applications.

Please note the following rules apply to Institute Charities: 

  • The Trustees reserve the right absolutely to withhold assistance to any person or if already in receipt of assistance to change, adjust or withdraw it completely. 

How to apply

Applications for support will be invited between September and November in each year. Applications will then be considered for support, with grants made in December the same year.

Once application period for the current year is open, there will be a link below directing applicants to the application form.

If there is an acute need for support, you may contact the Chief Executive through head office to obtain a form.