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Critical cornoner’s verdict in full

The Yellow Advertiser has challenged a coroner’s office to ensure an inquest verdict was published.

The weekly newspaper asked for the full narrative verdict delivered by a jury which sat an an inquest into the death of 25-year-old prisoner Dean Saunders after the Essex Coroner Service only published the verdict.

In fact the jury had included in its 650-word verdict specific errors which had been relevant to Mr Saunders’ death at Basildon police station and an inadequate health assessment by Care UK, a private care provider at Chelmsford Prison in Essex.

Mr Saunders had a record of mental health and was arrested after he stabbed his father during a paranoid and confused state. While he was in prison he electrocuted himself because he was taken off suicide watch by untrained staff.

The verdict finished: “In summary, Dean SAUNDERS and his family were let down by serious failings in both mental health care and the prison system.”

Thanks to The Yellow Advertiser the full verdict is now available for all to see online at: