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Journalists killed in the line of duty remembered

[frame align=”right”] CIoJ logo[/frame]Two years ago the Sunday Times foreign correspondent Marie Colvin described her work as a foreign correspondent as ‘a hard calling’.

On October 22 this year we were back in the warm clasp of St Bride’s, Fleet Street – the journalist’s church – to remember the reporters, camera crews and support staff killed in the line of duty. Sadly, Marie Colvin was one of those tragic names.

A special Page, in the St Bride’s memorial book, was unveiled as a lasting tribute to Marie by the Duchess of Cornwall, followed by prayers for the 50 journalists worldwide killed this year bringing news from war zones and other trouble spots to the news pages, TV screens and radios in our living rooms.

Readings for the service were warmly delivered by James Hardy, Editor of The Times, Hugh Whittow, Editor of the Daily Express, Peter Preston, former Editor of the Guardian, and Kevin Beatty, Chief Executive of A&N Media, which owns the Northcliffe titles including the Daily Mail.

The night was particularly moving for the people who had worked with Marie and many openly wept to the choir’s moving renditions of Where have all the flowers gone? and Bridge over Troubled Waters.

On an evening shared with Panoroma’s programme about the dropping of Newsnight’s investigation into Jimmy Savile, it was certainly a poignant reminder of the true sacrifice of campaigning journalists.