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17th October, 2006.


Over £1,000 was raised in an ad-hoc raffle for a local handicapped children’s home by members of the Chartered Institute of Journalists at their annual conference and AGM in Malta last week.

The Dar il Kaptan (“The Captain’s House”) home exists to give parents of handicapped children a rest by looking after their children for a limited period, anything from a day to a month, although there are a few long term residents also.

One of the guest speakers at the CIOJ conference was the financier and property developer Frank Salt, who is also chairman of Dar il Kaptan. In his address he talked about the children’s home and how it relieved devoted and caring parents by looking after their children for a short while.

Institute members immediately decided to raise money for the home. To encourage them Frank Salt immediately offered to double the amount raised. In the two days left of the conference raffle tickets were sold to the value of £372. This was doubled to £744 by Frank Salt.

Winning numbers were pulled by Sangita Shah, President of the Chartered Institute of Journalists, at the end of dinner at the Casino di Venezia, just outside Valletta, last Thursday evening which was also the last night of the conference.

Two surprise donations increased the total raised to £1,058. One donation was from the director of the casino, Mr. Sandro Bianchi, who gave 100 Maltese lire, which is £157 sterling. The other was from Mrs. Eyrie Price, wife of Institute member David Price, who donated the ML 100 that she won at the casino that evening.

The result was an unexpected gift of over a thousand pounds for the children’s home.

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