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Journalists welcome newspaper review

Press release
Release date: 8 February 2018

The Chartered Institute of Journalists welcomes the Government’s decision to review the future of the newspaper industry and its recognition that the closure of hundreds of titles in recent years is a danger to democracy.

Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced the move in Manchester, Tuesday 6th February (

The Institute is running a Save Our Newspapers campaign and will do whatever it can to assist the review and put forward suggestions for viable business models that can ensure the survival of local, regional and properly resourced national journalism as well as the new and growing sector of independent online news media.

Incoming Institute President, Janice Shillum, said: “On the one hand this is excellent news, but on the other we are right to say ‘what’s taken them so long?’”

She added: “The damage to democracy through newspaper closures has already been catastrophic. Let’s do our best to reverse it.”

At the end of last year the Institute’s Council approved the launch of  ‘A Save Our Newspapers Campaign- SON’ which will:

  1. undertake research and development to find new ways of sustaining qualitative local and regional journalism in newspaper and multimedia publishing;
  2. track and analyse news media closures and start-ups;
  3. promote the concept of literacy and the social value of reading printed newspapers and magazines with readers of all generations;
  4. investigate ideas for redressing the imbalance in advertising revenue gained by global social media businesses that has undermined the viability of printed newspapers;
  5. engage with local, regional and national politicians and public bodies to assert the public interest and public sphere role of professional, qualitative and independent journalism that holds power to account and supports properly remunerated professional journalists.