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New Day, new hope

Press release
Release date: 2 March 2016

Britain’s oldest professional association of journalists, CIoJ, warmly welcomes the publication of a new national newspaper ‘New Day’ as ‘innovative and progressive.’

The Institute says Trinity Mirror’s venture ‘is an assertion of confidence in developing and progressing the newspaper reading medium.’

As the CIoJ is an apolitical body its members particularly appreciate a new national newspaper with a non party political stance.

The Institute wishes the new venture the best of luck and expresses the hope that its aspiration to be the ‘new model’ will prove successful.

The Institute is enthusiastic about any national newspaper venture that counters the recent decision to end the print editions of the Independent and Independent on Sunday.

The Institute says: ‘New Day expands readership and employment for journalists and appears to advance the concept of print journalism when so many are arguing that it is an anachronism.’

‘The idea of in-depth, well balanced features -something journalists are so well trained to do- being provided focus in a national newspaper product is an exciting development.’