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New report reveals threat from Islamists on campus

The Government’s counter-radicalisation strategy is being prevented from functioning effectively in British universities due to a campaign of opposition from students which is actually being coordinated by a pro-terrorist group called CAGE.

Recording over 100 on-campus events hosting speakers with extreme views or a history of involvement with extremist organisations each year since 2012, the latest report from the independent think-tank Student Rights shows the alarming reach of extremism on UK campuses. The report also highlights how a number of those convicted of terrorist offences have passed through Britain’s higher education institutions.

The Director of Student Rights, Rupert Sutton, commented: “The evidence presented in this report shows that extremism on university campuses remains a serious issue while the dominant narrative is one which draws on extremist campaigning to undermine attempts to challenge the problem. As such, it is vital that the Government works to increase support for those challenging extremist narratives about Prevent, and that any guidance for university staff addresses fears driven by these narratives.

“Universities should be the best place to challenge extremist ideas, yet at present this is simply not happening – something that must change if we are to successfully oppose on-campus radicalisation.”