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  • Let’s develop a bolder and more effective Orphan Fund

    At the Chartered Institute of Journalists’ Annual Conference last year in Bournemouth, members agreed the next steps in the consolidation of three of the Institute’s charities. Should the consolidation take place, it will be but the latest in a series of charity mergers that have taken place within the Institute over the last 80 or…

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    The Chartered Institute of Journalists currently has four charitable funds from which it dispenses financial support to members and their families. With combined investments totalling in excess of £3.1 million, support may be provided for varying needs including: short term financial hardship, interest-free loans to cover the replacement of lost or damaged equipment, support for…

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  • It’s hard to buy insurance when the house is burning down

    – but the Institute can help I often use the insurance comparison to help explain why all professional journalists should join the Chartered Institute. True, the Institute is non-political, so it devotes its efforts to the needs of members, rather than trying to change the world or organise strikes and marches for ideological reasons. Certainly,…

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  • Charity merger – an alternative view

    It is hard not to have some sympathy for those who believe that by merging three of the Institute’s charity funds into one substantial, financially robust organisation, there are savings for the CIoJ as a whole and benefits for members in particular. Administration costs would be reduced and a larger fund would be available to…

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  • The Institute’s charities and what they mean to YOU

    When a new member joins the Chartered Institute of Journalists, I like to explain that it is more than a talking shop, more than the oldest and most respected organisation of professional journalists in the world, an advisory body on copyright, journalistic legalities, professional practices and recommended rates and conditions, and a gatekeeper for the…

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  • CIoJ charities to take a new turn?

    The Chartered Institute of Journalists has had its own charities for many, many years. Some have been merged or assimilated into others during this long period and now there are just four in existence. Is it time, perhaps, to consolidate further to meet today’s conditions and demands? Presently the Orphan Fund dominates the quartet with…

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  • Grace Wyndham Goldie (BBC) Trust Fund

    Applications are invited for grants from the Grace Wyndham Goldie (BBC) Trust Fund, which exists to help those engaged in broadcasting or an associated activity, now or in the past, as well as their children and dependents. The Trustees, in their discretion, will consider giving assistance towards educational costs in small ways, such as travelling…

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