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  • Inquiry after South African journalist is shot in the face

    The Parliamentary group reviewing South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) are calling for police to answer to how they are handling threats against journalists. SABC 8 Journalist Suna Ventura had two air pellets removed from a wound on Monday after she was shot in the face last November following a series of threats of intimdation. Police…

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  • Gambian journalists come home

    Countless Gambian journalists fled threats and intimidation during former-president Yahya Jammeh’s two decades in power. Now, as J Adama Barrow, a former Argos security guard from Peckham in South London, takes office with promises of a new start for one of Africa’s poorest countries and Jammeh begins his life in exile, some of them are…

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  • Don’t drag the kids into your “observations” on political leaders

    A “Saturday Night Live” writer was suspended indefinitely after tweeting an “insensitive” joke about Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son, Barron. Katie Rich was suspended immediately for writing the offensive tweet, a source told the Associated Press, after it triggered an outcry on social media, with many calling for a boycott of the TV show. Rich later…

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  • ‘Orphan works’ in newspapers and magazines

    Why does ‘diligent search’ matter? Take a good look at the Internet. It’s crowded with electronic versions of newspapers and magazines. Not just facsimiles of current editions, but archives and reproductions of old material still in copyright. Currently the 1914-18 War occupies many Internet pages. Some of this is out of copyright, in some the…

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  • New Day, new hope

    Press release Release date: 2 March 2016 Britain’s oldest professional association of journalists, CIoJ, warmly welcomes the publication of a new national newspaper ‘New Day’ as ‘innovative and progressive.’ The Institute says Trinity Mirror’s venture ‘is an assertion of confidence in developing and progressing the newspaper reading medium.’ As the CIoJ is an apolitical body…

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  • Time to start fighting back

    Press release Release date: 1 March 2016 New CIoJ president announces his focus for the next two years Mark Croucher, the new president of the Chartered Institute of Journalists, (CIoJ) vows to take the fight to those who have spent the last few years criticising and attacking the industry. “I am clear that the public…

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