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Publishers and journalists urged to stand firm in face of attack

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Publishers and journalists urged to stand firm in face of attack

[frame align=”left”]CIoJ logo [/frame]The killing of 12 people in an attack on a Paris newspaper has been condemned by the Chartered Institute of Journalists, which also urged publishers and journalists to stand firm and not be deterred from exercising their right to freedom of speech in the face of the threat of violence.

“This is a shocking attack on free speech, and all those who champion it. Our hearts go out to the families of those who have lost their lives and to those who have been wounded in this act of cowardice,” said CIoJ President, Paul Leighton, who also warned of the danger of being intimidated by such open violence following reports that some UK newspaper websites were blurring the images of covers of Charlie Hebdo.

“Journalists and publishers should stand together and stand firm in the face of these attacks. We need to show those responsible that we will not be intimidated into surrendering our hard-won freedoms. To fail to do so would be to hand victory to those responsible.“