The IoJ (TU)

The Institute has an enviable record representing members before courts, industrial tribunals and similar hearings.  Remember, if you were to ring a solicitor for advice it could cost you more than the cost of annual membership – sometimes without your legal advisor putting pen to paper!

Should you experience difficulties in your employment you will have access to:

FREE Legal Advice

Institute members have access to a FREE legal advice line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Legal advice can be sought on any subject at any time from a team of Legal experts and it is completely confidential. Full details here…


in disciplinary meetings, in court and employment tribunals.


on how to deal with harassment, bullying, disciplinary, redundancy and stress.


have access to advice about contracts, late payment, marketing and copyright.

Become a Member

Members get a National Press Card, Representation & Access to Advice