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New President announces Awards for young journalists

Former CEO of International Building Press, Gerald Bowey, was installed as President of the Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIoJ) at a reception held at the Reform Club in Pall Mall, London.

Bowey emphasised the guidance, support, and encouragement that had been at the heart of the Institute for 140 years and announced the launch of a new Young Journalist of the Year awards scheme that would encourage journalists under 30 years of age to enter a range of categories.

Commenting Bowey said: “the Institute is focused on supporting working journalists, both in-house and freelance, in the workplace, as a trade union, and in sustaining journalists in difficult circumstances as a charitable trust.

“This has been and will continue to be the central function of the CIoJ. However, we live in rapidly changing times and professional journalists, working in print, broadcast and online, are constantly challenged to compete with anonymous disruptors, and commentators on digital platforms and the emerging sophistication of AI.”To help address this, the Young Journalist Awards are being launched to encourage, recognise and reward good journalism from younger journalists. Categories include: business/financial journalist, political correspondent, environment journalist, sports journalist, arts journalist, news reporter, feature writer, and campaigning journalist. 

Bowey added: “key to the Call for Entries is the partnership with South Western News Services (SWNS) in targeting young working journalists, on all platforms.”

Martin Winter, Chief Content Officer, SWNS commented: “We have a long history of training some of the best talent in the industry and know the importance of encouraging young people into the news business.
“So we welcome this new initiative to highlight the great work of young journalists, and look forward to supporting the CIoJ in rolling out these awards.”

Call for Entries will be invited in August 2024.